Thursday, March 11, 2010

Juicy Bits

If you're in America, and you're referring to the 'juicy bits', you're probably getting to the good part of the latest piece of gossip. But if you're in England, you're probably talking about orange juice. Juicy bits are pulp.

I find this ironic considering the pulp is the least juicy bit of juice. I was told though that 'pulp' sounds too literal and unappealing. Okay, I'll give them that. But then they need to see my point about calling the bathroom the 'toilet'. Saying that you need to use the toilet, or asking where the toilets are, is much too literal and quite unappealing.


  1. I don't think of gossip when I hear "juicy bits" but I don't think of pulp either...
    ...That's just me though.

    If it helps, despite Britain and France's stupid rivalry with each other, the French also say "pulpeuse" which translates to "juicy" in English despite it looking like "pulpy."

    Also, keeping in line with my perviness, the French word "pulpeuse" can also mean sexy.

  2. Maybe we've been missing the double meaning and should start saying things like, 'Girl, you're lookin' pulpy tonight'.


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