Monday, April 4, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

In kindergarten, I learned that April showers bring May flowers. And every year, I waited for the torrential Pennsylvanian downpours that would transform my neighborhood into a lush landscape of technicolored flora. But they never came. Now I realize that expression had no place in my curriculum as it clearly refers to English weather.

It doesn't surprise me that they came up with a motto to excuse England's infamous weather patterns. I can only assume that it was meant to reassure the population that this miserable climate can have a silver lining. But it's hardly as though April is the only month that sees rain in the UK. It seems to me like they ought to have a rain-related rhyme for every month. So I've taken the liberty to suggest a few. Like...

July precipitation yields August anticipation,


October drizzle will never fizzle,


December's wintery mix leaves much to be missed.

I'll admit that Springtime here is ridiculously picturesque though. With its rolling, green paddocks speckled by bleating lambs, and bumbling bees bouncing between beds of blooming blossoms. Okay, maybe I see their point. It might be worth the rain. Maybe.


  1. Wonderful!! Glad you're site is back. I enjoy reading it!! As for Pittsburgh, I wish we had April showers. It's more of one day snow, one day rain, one day hail. The weirdes weather yet.


  2. Thanks, Nikki! I'm glad it is too. Don't worry, before long it will be 85 with 100% humidity in PA!